Mapquest Chicago

Traveling to a place with full of man made stuff and scenic views besides natural beauty is something very different to feel, which can’t be expressed by words. These types of places are full of fun because it comes to fulfill one’s fun and enjoyment needs. So, This month I decided to visit one of the largest cities in the United States of America “Chicago.” First, when I decided to visit virtually, I had so much fun and eyes where wandering that I myself was standing in Mapquest Chicago and watching everything happen in this amazing tall city of the America.

Mapquest Chicago

Like when I saw it I really wanted to go there. So, I decided and booked my ticket, packed my backpack and trolleys and planned a trip for a whole week. Which had been so amazing, Below I will tell you what to do in Chicago, Where to stay in Chicago, Where to eat in Mapquest Chicago and Where to have all the fun in Chicago with all the cheap accommodations and travel.

How to roam in Chicago with the help of Mapquest?

  1. Open on any device that you have.
  2. Click on get directions.
  3. Enter Chicago in the first blank.
  4. Enter your current location in the second blank.
  5. Hit the green GET DIRECTIONS button below the blanks.

In this way, you will be able to have all the details about your travel to Mapquest Chicago, and the list of most popular places will be visible in the right sidebar of the interface of the Mapquest if you are traveling through the road ways by your car, bike, or public service you can avoid Ferries, Seasonal Roads, National Highways, Toll Roads, Timed Roads, City way, etc. Mapquest provides too many option to choose from to avoid those roads to have a safe and fun full journey and you can also add as many as stops as you want in your way. Now, its time that I should tell you which places you must visit on your trip to Mapquest Chicago with all accommodations.

Chicago is among the most significant and high end cities of the United States Of America, which is the city of Illinois. This city situates at the end of Lake Michigan, which gives this city a stunning view. Tall and huge skyscrapers covers the whole of Chicago city, and the view of the sky from the middle of the town gives a covered look. Clean and beautiful city made me feel to stay for a longer time period. Classy hotels, and tasty and delicious food on the streets and in the restaurants make my mouth water. People care for each other and good hospitality can be seen in the city. These whole things made my trip to Mapquest Chicago a memorable one, will definitely try to visit their again

Places to visit in Mapquest Chicago

Spending a Day on Cruises

Day Cruise in Mapquest Chicago

This city covers a lake inside it which offers you to have a coll look of the city from middle on the city’s lake on a cruise. You can spend you whole day on that cruise and watch the skycrapers and can also have food in the middle of the lake as there are some shops at the ends of the lake. It costs very less money but can make your day.

Visiting the Historical places of Mapquest Chicago

Historical places of Mapquest Chicago

This tour covers the Douglas Tomb State, the Site of Old Fort Dearborn, Pilsen Historic District, Arlington Deming Historic District, Chicago port National Historic, Henry gerber House, Former Chicago Historical Society, Historic Route 66 End Sign and many many more. This city is full of historic places that a month won’t be enough to visit them all.

Navy Pier – Chicago’s Children’s Museum

Navy Pier - Chicago's Children's Museum

This place is full of fun as well as for the adults. It offers Tinkering Lab, Dinosaurus Expedition, Kids Town, Bon Appetite – Snack Spot, A big hall in the middle on this museum where kids can play and have a lokk at the colorful submarine hang at the wall, A table with chess top, Chicago Fire Department, Restroom and on the firts floor Art Studio which is only for the members.

Millennium Park

Millennium Park

This Park gives the view of high skyscrapers and huge red color maple trees. The main attraction of this place is the big size silver coloured bean called the “Cloud Gate” which is the main attractions of the city, everybody who comes to this city won’t ever leave to visit this ” The Bean” known as the Cloud Gate.

Hope my tour to Mapquest Chicago would have embraced and made you excited about visiting this city. Pack your bags and have your tickets booked soon for the vacations spending there. Until then, I wish you a very happy and full safety journey.

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