3 Must Visit Places at Yellowstone National Park

Are you planning to visit a national park? Then you are at the right place. Here I am going to tell you and recommend you to visit Mapquest Yellowstone National Park this time with your kids, family, friends, as a couple or with your loved ones.
3 Must Visit Places at Yellowstone National Park
Today you will experience my travel to this beautiful Yellowstone national park located in Wyoming, United States of America. This lovely National park is owned by the state from 1872, and had became the first national park for everyone. Its popular for its Geological characteristics and extraordinary hydrothermal. The glory pool and the yellow shade of this place are so fanatic to see.
Below we will be helping in planning a trip to Yellowstone National park this year. Here, we will tell which is the best season to visit Yellowstone national park? Where to stay? Where to eat? How to travel? How to hike? And many other questions arise in every traveller’s heart before visiting any place. I will clear your every doubt here. So just stay tuned.

How to find Yellowstone National Park on Mapquest?

  1. Visit Mapquest.com
  2. Open the menu from the right.
  3. Choose Directions from the Menu.
  4. Put your current location and Yellowstone National park in the destination.
  5. Get Directions.

How to find Yellowstone National Park on Mapquest?

Here, I have listed some must visiting places to see in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, United States Of America.

Old Faith

Old Faithful is the most famous place in Yellowstone Park. Here you can see the fountain which rises 106 feet high and is one of the 6 geysers in this park. This eruption occurs after every 90 minutes and lasts for 5 to 6 minutes. It was so fascinating to watch.

Grand Prismatic Spring

This is the primary spot of this gorgeous park. If you see it from the sky means on Mapquest, you will find it to look like the display of the eye in biology books, LOL. When I was there, I found this place so charming, as the water in this pond was so BLUE and the surroundings were like the different shades of yellow. The layers of this pond gets a little bit far from the water the colour of the layer changes and I feel that I was not standing on planet Earth, hahaha. But I want to say, That Prismatic Spring was really a photogenic point.

Hayden Valley

This valley is famous for Buffalos, whose slogan is ‘Hayden Valley – Where the Buffalos roam’. I have seen groups of wild buffalos grazing in the fields. Hayden Valley is cover all over around by the hills and a river which gives a stunning view of this place. I loved the hours that I had spent there with my family.
I hope this would have helped you and cleared some of your questions. Till next I wish you and your family a very happy journey to Mapquest Yellowstone National Park. Be Safe and Travel Safe.

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