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The best thing to use before going anywhere is Driving directions because it helps you to navigate all along the way towards your destination. Should use driving directions because it shows you the right path from where you should go and shows you the traffic-free roads. If I want to go from a particular place in California to a specific location in Maine! Yeah, it’s too far but it will you the best highways to go from and some best restaurants between these two stations. Once you start your ride, you don’t have to look again and again on the map which you are using, and it helps you to concentrate on your driving by merely asking the driving directions to navigate you. It will tell you whether you should go left or right straight or reverse your ride. It will tell you about the roads whether there is traffic or not.

The primary use of driving directions is to know the best route or the way towards the place where you want to go. You can use the driving directions feature on Mapquest, Google map, Bing map, Yahoo map and many others which facilitates you with this feature. 

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driving directions

If you want the driving directions on the MAPQUEST than follow these steps:-

  1. Open the website
  2. At the top left side, Click on MENU.
  3. Then choose to GET DIRECTION from the menu options.
  4. Fill the blank spaces with the current location and the name of the specific place where you wanted to go.
  5. Click on GET DIRECTIONS below the location setters.

Now, it will show the best way or path to your destination. It’s so easy that your kids can do that for you. You’ll have a great journey by using this driving direction feature that will make you feel your drive with all comforts and joy with mapquest driving directions online helps.

If you want to use it with Google Maps Driving Directions, then follow these steps:-

driving directions
  1. Open the google maps driving directions web page.
  2. At the upper left side of the page, You’ll see a sign of routes.
  3. Click on that directions symbol.
  4. Choose the CAR sign on the top of those options.
  5. Click on that sign.
  6. Fill the blanks with your current location and the location towards you are going.

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It will show you 2-3 different ways to go, But the road trip planner you should choose to go is the blue line on the streets on the map. If you are unable to understand the shown map driving directions, Then don’t worry! It will also show you the route address through which you can go to your destination. You can choose from many options like whether you want to go through the driving directions which will be helpful to you when you are traveling in your CAR, or you can choose the transitways to visit your place, or you can use the Walking Directions to go through the 11 no. the bus that is your legs ( by walking ), or you can use Mapquest the bicycle to go towards your destination.

Happy Journey.

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