Mapquest Route Planner

Are you planning a trip? Or Wanna go scattered for the hangout? Let’s plan a trip and let us help you with that specific thing. First, we need to pack our bags. Oh, That’s already you know about it. Now, let’s get to the foremost part of planning a trip that is Mapquest route planner. Yeah, it’s the major things that you need while travelling around the world which don’t let you get undetectable on your fantastic and full of joy and fun journey. If you want to know how to do that, so let us tell you about it.

The primary thing is to create a route planner on a map where you can add some stops between your route and if you some places that are known for its beauty must be there in your route planning and in between the road trip planner there necessity be some  stops on the restaurants to get fresh and can consume any food.

mapquest route planner

For a more better experience of the mapquest and your fantastic journey which makes your mind free and when you come back home from your trip, you can share your excellent experience with your neighbors, friends, family and on your social media accounts. The mapquest facilitates you with much things that you need in your daily life outside your home. It also provides route planning with mapquest mileage in three ways that are line by line, copy/paste, import through these three impressive features you can create your route planner without any mess and which is very easy to use.

How to plan a route with Mapquest Route Planner?

It’s easy as making a tea in a tea maker. For that follow these steps to create your mapquest walking directions and the thing that we are here for is the mapquest route planner.

  1. Open the Mapquest
  2. On the upper left corner of the webpage, Click on the ‘MENU’ option.
  3. Once the menu gets opened, Choose the ‘ROUTE PLANNER’ option.


Now, you can choose from the three options which are as follows:-

  1. Line by line
  2. Copy/paste
  3. Import

First, let us tell you about the Line by line feature. This feature is straightforward; You need just to put your current location and the place where you want to go. You can also add multiple stops in between your destination, and you can avoid different types of roads that we’ll be going to tell you below.

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Mapquest Route Planner

Second, Is the copy/paste speciality of Mapquest. Here, you have to copy the multiple addresses and paste them in the blank space provided by the mapquest. You can put the with 26 character maximum. Once you have filled the area with the address, It will automatically show you the Mapquest route planner in the map of usa, the map of europe and all around the world wherever you are.

Mapquest Route Planner

Third, If you have some addresses in the form of .xls, .xlsx, .cvs that format you can upload on the mapquest, and it will show you the route to Mapquest gas calculator all those addresses that you have uploaded. In all these different steps to get the route planner, you can get the shortest roads by enabling that options and can avoid many roads like driving directions seasonal roads, highways, ferries, time restriction roads, toll roads, etc. These are the easiest ways that one can provide us. Hope it will help you all the long on your route planner trip. You will be amazed by using this feature of Mapquest Driving Directions which will make your life and experience of travelling better.

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