Mapquest Multiple Stops

Travelling becomes fun when it has too many beautiful stops at different place with a nostalgic views on your route. If you also feel like that then Mapquest Multiple Stops can help you find the best stoppages in you road trip when you decide to have a journey with your friends, family or with your love towards the awesome tourist and personal places to visit world wide. In that case, Mapquest can help you create the best route from your home to the place of your dreams to visit without any problem, traffic, bad roads, ferries, highways, road tolls or they barriers you don’t want in your amazing travelling trip and want to add lovely mapquest multiple stops in your route planning, because it brings so many tensions and can make your mood of travelling low and can make you return back to your home, don’t worry we are just joking. But, For that mapquest mutliple stops and we have provided some steps that you can follow to reach the destinations easily, fastly, and safely.

mapquest multiple stops

How to Use Mapquest Multiple Stops?

If you want to use this feature of mapquest than you need to make sure that you followed the below given steps correctly without any mixing of other steps to get the best of mapquest multiple steps while you are travelling to any place.

  1. Open Search.mapquest on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or any other handy device.
  2. At the upper left corner of the window, you will find Menu.
  3. Open Menu and select Get directions Option.
  4. Now, You will be redirected to the page where you can do all the jobs for your trip planning.

mapquest multiple stops settings
Once you have successfully done these steps you need to fill the blank with your current location and in the other blank with the destination location that you want to visit. Now, after doing this all you will find a option to add stops and the right side of the location blanks. It will open the mapquest multiple stops blank where you can fill it with your own points of stoppages in your mapquest route planning. You can add as many stops as you want in your travelling and mapquest will recommend you with the best stops you can add in your route with the help of mapquest multiple stops feature. Hope you will love this peculiarity of mapquest. we wish you a very happy multiple stopping.